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For over 25 years, Public Narrative has brought nonprofit communicators, local activists, PR professionals and others a valuable resource. Getting On Air, Online & Into Print, known to many as Chicago’s communication bible, has been the most trusted, the most comprehensive, the most affordable and most up-to-date media guide listing of Chicago media outlets, journalists, bloggers and more in the country’s third largest media market.

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How it Works

Wondering what types of subscriptions are available or how much it costs? Want to know what you can expect out of your subscription? Find out how our Media Guide works and how it can help reach reporters and tell your story! Read More

Who Is It For?

Still wondering if you need this resource? Read more about who is using our Media Guide and some ideas from us on how it can be used by the you. Read More

Why There Is A Need

Some have asked us why there is a need for such a resource, especially when so much information can be found on the web. Here are some ideas from not just us, but our users as to why there needs to be a Chicago-area Media Guide. Read More

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