12 Tips for Broadcast Interviews

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Whether it’s television or radio, broadcast interviews are a great channels to tell your story and educate the broad public about what you do. However, a well prepared interview can maximize your impact. Here are some tips we recommend provided by the Safety Energy Communication Council.

1. Define Your Message: What’s the issue and what do you want to have happen?

2. Know the Interviewer and your Audience: Who is going to see and hear you; what’s the most effective way to communicate your message to them?

3. Simplify: Keep it simple and clear, in both concept and context. Hold on to one theme and two or three central, reinforcing points.

4. Practice the 3 R’s: Rehearse, Roleplay and Revise (and then Repeat this step!)

5. You are the Message: Focus your words, voice tone, facial expressions and body language. Emote without shrill at­tacks.

6. Control the Interview: Stay on target with your message. Use “Bridging” and other techniques.

7. Being Nervous is Normal: “Reframe” the fear into excite­ment and enthusiasm. Use breathing, centering and other relaxation techniques that you know work for you.

8. Create a Relationship with the Interviewer and the Audi­ence: Use interviewer’s first name, anecdotes and suc­cinct, colorful sound bites to connect with them.

9. It’s OK not to be the “Know-It-All”: Say “I don’t know” in a way that adds to your credibility instead of detracting from it.

10. Be Prepared: Repeat Step #4.

11. Anticipate: Be ready for hostile questions and questioners

12. Remember: Your point of view is the most important thing at the moment. You are being interviewed because what you know and think is of value. Stay centered and stay focused.

1990 Safe Energy Communication Council, Washington, D.C.

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