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How It Works

Subscriptions: First, subscribe to this online Media Guide. You have the choice to get a 24 hour day pass limited to 100 records to export, or acquire full access to our database through a one year subscription. If you would like to get a sneak peek, register as a guest on a free pass. If you are ready to subscribe to our guide click here.

Rates: A 24 hour one-day pass starts at $45. Our annual subscription cost starts at $349. We provide special discounts to attendees of trainings and others, for more information or to inquire about special discount pricing, contact Maggie Walker at

Data & Records: We collect data year round and to keep our database as up-to-date as possible. Not only do we collect contact information for news outlets, but we also capture their distribution areas, circulation numbers and more. We also find individual contact information for journalists, editors, producers, reporters, managers, bloggers and more! When applicable, we tell you the best way to contact them.

Searching: There are two types of searches. First, the global search allows broad sweeping searches of the database. Users can type in names or key terms to pull a wide variety of news outlets and individuals. Second, our advanced search allows users narrow their queries down to distribution areas, beats, titles and more!

Creating Lists: Subscribers can create and save favorites lists. You can select contacts from your searches and save them into lists you define. For instance, you can search forĀ  Springfield Illinois reporters, select your desired contacts, create a new list and title it as “My Springfield Contacts,” which can be managed, refined and updated as needed. These lists can be exported or printed.

Exporting: Users can export directly from their searches or from their saved lists. Exported format is a PDF or CSV file. A “comma separated values” or CSV can be imported into third-party application software including Excel and Numbers and allows to easily access and use different parts of the data. If you want an easy-to-read pitching list, simply export as PDF and save or print your list.

Printing: Users can also print reports of records and contacts directly from our Media Guide via PDF.

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