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Q: Why are my exports being limited to only 100 contacts?

A: Day pass subscribers can search and create as many saved lists on their account but are limited to exporting 100 records within their 24 hour subscription. Year pass subscribers have full access and are not limited to the number of exports on their account.

Q: How often is the Online Media Guide updated?

A: Our Media Guide is updated on a regular basis as changes in the media landscape occur. Changes to specific data and/or records can take up to 24 hours once we are notified of the update. We also conduct a complete audit of our records once a year–every news outlet is contacted and updated, new records are created or consolidated, or removed depending on the status of actual news organizations. If you would like to submit a recommendation for a news outlet, please contact us here.

Q: Does the Online Media Guide have contacts to media outlets outside of Chicago?

A: Yes. Not only do we capture Chicago Metropolitan media contacts, we collect data and information on news outlets across the state. We also collect information about some of the largest dailies in the Midwest including markets in St. Louis, Minneapolis, Detroit and more!

Q: Where do you get your information from?

A: We gather our information from a variety of sources including our users. Most of our data is collected by our own team of researchers who contact every news outlets themselves. We do not buy lists from other vendors. In some cases, individual contacts may request to be left off our list. If possible, we include their name within a department of an outlet but do not include contact information.

Q: Can an organization share one account?

A: Yes. At the moment, an organization can share an account among different staff. Although, our system only allows logins at one session at a time. Two or more people can not be logged in at the same time using the same account. If you are interested in group rate. Contact us here.

Q: Is there a  print version of the Media Guide? Where can I get it?

A: No. We are now only offering the online subscriptions.

Q: What should I do when an e-mail or a phone number is not working or listed incorrectly?

A: First, if you have manually entered an email or have called a news outlet, please check first to see if it has been entered correctly. If contact information is still not working, please contact us right away to report the issue here.

Q: I couldn’t find the news outlet, blog or journalist I am looking for, what should I do?

A: First, try entering fewer letters in the search field to broaden your search. If you still can not find the news outlet our journalist you are looking for, suggest or report the issue here.

Q: Do you provide training?

A: Yes. We provide free trainings and webinars on how to use our Media Guide. We also provide year-round training and other events. Visit our website to check our training schedule.

Q: Who do I contact for help?

A: If you need further assistance, visit our contact page for help.

Q: I can’t remember my User Password, what do I do?

A: If you have forgotten your user password, you can fill out the form to retrieve your password here. If you need further assistance, contact us here.

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