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How-To: Creating Lists

Please note: You cannot create a new list without first selecting an outlet from your search results.

In your search results, you will find a “Select” box on the right hand side of the contact listing.

Choose one or more of these boxes. You can also choose to “Select All” of the results on the page. Note* If you would like to select all of your search results, you will need to choose “Select All” for each page at a time.

At the top of your search result list, you will find a drop-down menu that says “Select Action”. Click this drop-down menu and choose “Assign Selected to list”. A new drop-down menu will appear next to the drop-down menu you just clicked. Click this list and choose the option “New List”. You will be prompted to name this list.

After you have created a list, in subsequent searches you will have the option to add to lists you’ve already created, or to create another new list.

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