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How-To: Searching



The Chicago Media Guide has two ways you can search for contacts. The first is the main search located on the top right of the screen and the second is the advanced search. Both these searches are separate functions of the Online Media Guide.

When querying from the main search field, our guide searches for particular data including the name of news outlet, the first and last name of a person, professional titles, topics and beats.

The main search function will look for the exact words or letters that match. As a tip, if you are looking for a broad search, type in as few letters or words within the field.

If I want a broad search for political writers, instead of typing in “Political” I will type the root word “politic” so the search covers all words related such as “Political” “Politics” etc.

This search field is used best when you are looking for the contact information of an outlet or person you may already know.

The advanced search option allows you to combine filters to narrow a search down. These filter options include outlet Name, City, State, Zip, Person’s First and Last Name, Title, Ethnic Media Market, Outlet Description, Outlet Medium, Distribution Area, Station Format, Print Frequency and Beats.

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